PLEASE READ all the Requirements Carefully before sending pictures:

  1. It must contain at least one person looking at the camera, It can contain several people (up to 5 or 6 ..)
  2. No Personal Photos, just photos of unknown people.
  3. No Studio photos. The project is about people capturing their friend/family in an instant. (We are aware of missing an interesting era when all photos were made in a studio)
  4. The photo is at least 25 years old, this is not a strict rule but this is all about memory...
  5. The picture must be scanned "as is" no cropping, no "Photoshop" treatment, n(addition of type, borders, color changes). See photos on the site for examples.
  6. Attach either JPEG or PSD files to the email. DON'T send huge files, no more than 1.5 Mb
  7. Use a 80% minimum JPEG compression (high quality)
  8. Minimum size width: 576 pixels, height: 576 pixels.

We'll also look at a subjective criteria for posting the photos: The visual interest

If your photos are accepted, we'll send you a confirmation email. All Photos submitted will be protected under a Creative Commons License

When you click "Send your Photos" your email program will open, please, enter your name and any text written on the back of the photo.

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